$ 2189

The Armasight N-14 is a new model and a new standard in its compact mutli-purpose monocular sector. It is the most advanced thermal system available on the market today. Its housing is ergonomic and compact, built from best durable material and it could be easily comparable to contemporary military night vision monoculars. Try to compare and it might be even better! The level of its performance doesn’t depend on any weather conditions, it remains unparalleled perfect in any case. The devise is manufactured from high-grade material, which will serve you for years. Be sure all objects at far and middle distances will be traced and differentiated without any special afford. This devise is unreplaceable when usage of any other optical means is impossible. Armasight N-14 Gen 2+QS Multi-purpose Night Vision Monocular-NSMN140001Q6DI1 is a right choose for you!


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